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Greek Oregano oil 86% Carvacrol

The Mediterranean is the synonym of Greece and Greece is synonymous to Mediterranean. Perhaps the best Oregano in the world grows in Greece and it is known worldwide as the Greek Oregano. The climatic conditions of Greece, the sunshine, the sea breeze, and the subsoil rich in trace are these that make the Greek Oregano the best in the world. From this oregano, wild from the Greek mountains and organic (non  GMO ) we make the essential Oil of Oregano  that we offer. From the best oregano in the world we make perhaps the best Oregano Oil in the world.

Oreganum Vulgare Heracleoticum-Hitrum is the variety of Oregano. (There are many varieties of Oregano-only the Greek Oregano gives the highest rates of Carvacrol)

100% Pure Essential Oil of Oregano. MINIMUM 86% CARVACROL.

Less than 2% Thymol. 100% Steam Distilled. No chemicals. Alcohol free.

100% wild and organic. Pharmaceutical Grade. Therapeutic Grade.

Provides Carvacrol per serving 129 mg.

Manufacturer: Zane Hellas (Greece)

Supplier: společnost All in One service s.r.o. IČO: 27107973 zapsaná v obchodním rejstříku vedeném u Městského soudu v Praze v oddíle C, vložka číslo 96810.


Tel: +420 774719996