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Výrobce: Zane Hellas Oregano Oil, Řecko
FunguCept je kosmetický přípravek - lokální přírodní prostředek pro prevenci proti plísňovým onemocněním nehtů

Brand: Zane Hellas, Řecko Product code: AO-7
FunguCept Softgels - With 100% Pure Wild Essential Oil of Oregano. MINIMUM 86% CARVACROL› Advanced Results** when combined with Nail Fungal Support or Athlete’s Foot Fungal Support› Provides 150,5 mg Carvacrol per Softgel› 60 pcs. Complementary Solution for Nails & Athlete’s Foot by Zane HellasF..
Ex Tax:699.00Kč
Brand: Zane Hellas, Řecko Product code: AO-4
FunguCept - KILL 99.9% of FOOT & NAIL FUNGUS Anti Fungal Nail Treatment Toenails & Fingernails Natural SolutionFunguCept –  Nail Repair Solution *Nail Protection from Discolored*, Thickened*, and Crumbled Nails*.FunguCept is a highly effective nail repair mixture that helps you with..
Ex Tax:449.00Kč
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